Programming 101 using HTML, PHP and MySQL

Basic HTML
  • Editing plain text
  • Tags, headers, structure
  • Lists, headers
  • Simple tables
  • Syntax highlighters
  • Links to other files, graphics, external links
Basic webhosting
  • Finding a free webhost with PHP and MySQL
  • Creating an account
  • Creating a test page
  • Uploading to a webhost
Basic PHP and HTML
  • “Hello World”
  • Time - system variables
  • change colour of pages based on time or hit counter - logic and math
  • Handling errors
  • PHP documentation
Basic Security
  • .htaccess
  • Why not to store your email address on a website
  • Password management
  • Protect your website with a password
  • Change your passwords to secure values
  • Choose a project
  • User-interface mockup
  • Imagining use-cases (contributor, editor, visitor)
Basic HTML and PHP part 2
  • Tables
  • Forms - create a response form
  • mailto: action
  • Displaying multiple variables - loops
  • Loops and tables
  • Introductory online programming communities
Basic HTML and PHP part 2
  • Input validation - functions
  • Using forms to populate PHP variables - strings
  • write form contents to a file
  • read form contents from a file
  • hit counter (read, write)
  • visitor tracker (read, write)
Basic MySQL
  • Terminology cheat sheet (rows, tables, columns, values)
  • phpmyadmin
  • Create a DB
  • Create a table
  • Update/create/destroy records
Basic MySQL + PHP
  • Connect to your table
  • Display the contents of your value in your table
  • Have your hit counter log in your database
  • Have your form store the information in the database
Basic Backups
  • Backing up your program directories
  • mysqldump
  • downloading
  • delete, then restore
Putting it together
  • Create an entry
  • Display an entry
  • Delete an entry
  • Edit an entry


Other mini applications

  • What's your IP?
  • Hit counter
  • Calculator

Project Applications

  • Recipe Database (read, write, access levels)
  • Catalog tool (read, write, access levels)
  • Exercise log (read, write, access levels)
  • Simple forum (read, write, access levels)

More advanced

  • 2-player chess (read, write, access levels, session, session lockout)
  • Connect 4 (read, write, access levels, session, session lockout)

Additional subjects in HTML

  • CSS
  • icons (.ico, apple)
  • robots.txt